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Written by J. C.
Published August 2018

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Tour Terms & Conditions

The purchase of any Guangzhou tour offered by Janvi Tours (Formerly Guangzhou Private Tour Guide Janvi) constitutes a contractual agreement between you and Janvi Tours (hereinafter referred to as “We”) and represents your acceptance of the terms and conditions set out herein. Please ensure that you have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions before booking. Once you begin your tour, by default you accept these terms and conditions.


Reservations and deposit
To reserve a tour, please send us an email with the type of tour you have in mind, number of people, date and time. Once we receive your email, we will contact you to  confirm your booking. Once an available date/time is confirmed, a 30%~50% payment is required as a deposit to secure your booking via Paypal, Western Union or telegraphic transfer. Please note that bookings are subject to my availability and are on a first-come, first-served basis. We don't guarantee that our availability will be changed with a short notice booking (less than 3 days). Hence advance booking is necessary. Please be proactive confirm a meeting time and place by email at least 2 days ahead before the tour start date. Otherwise confirmation will be regarded as cancel without any notification; We reserve the right in the event of any cancellation made by us. when such cases, we will try our best to contact you in advance to alter or re-book your tours whenever possible. However, this is a fairly rare occurrence.


Cancellation Policy
All cancellations must be received in writing via e-mail. Customers request a refund for any reason, within the acceptable time & under the circumstances listed below, refunds are paid within 3 days via Paypal, once the request is approved by us.

A 100% refund:
1. More than 2 weeks before the tour date;
2. Tour cannot happen, due to weather issues or natural disasters (storms, heavy rain, high-speed wind, floods, typhoon, etc), noted a day before, or even on the tour date, before the tour starts (sudden weather changes);

Partial Cancellation: If the booking is canceled
Less than 2 weeks before the tour date: 75% refund;
Less than 1 week before the tour date: 50% refund;
Less than 4 days before the tour date: no refund;


Tour Pricing & Payment
For payment of tour deposit, you do not need to have a PayPal account. We rely on PayPal to provide our guests with a secure platform for all financial transactions. When we send you an invoice through PayPal, you will have the option to use your credit cards to complete the payment process (even if you are not a PayPal account holder). The balance is payable in cash only on tour day with us, you can pay in either U.S. Dollar or Chinese Yuan, whatever is convenient for you, the exchange rate please take a look at X-Rate; we reserve the right to alter the price before your tour booking is confirmed by you. The tour price is a fixed price for each different tour, there is no haggling. Tourism service fee please refer to each tour package page for detail, please note the price List is in United States Dollars - USD;


Contact us in person
Please ask the participant spend time looking through for tour details and then contact us for the tour directly by email, we will not reply your email if you ask for the tour on the behalf of your friend, clients or boss, because of the incomplete delivery of communication, which we think this is a big waste of time.


Departures, itinerary schedules, and returns are approximate as each tour stated. You appreciate and acknowledge that the nature of this type of travel requires considerable flexibility and you should allow for alternatives. The itinerary provided for each trip is representative of the types of activities contemplated, but it is understood that the route, schedules, itineraries, amenities, and mode of transport may be subject to alteration without prior notice due to local circumstances or events.


Who May Attend
All travelers should be in good health and comfortable with a rigorous schedule of walking or biking. The tour may not suitable for children under the age of 16. Parts of this tour will not be enjoyed by those could not appreciate the local cultures and customs.


Personal Accident Insurance
All events are undertaken at the participants’ own risk. We accept no liability or obligation in the event of illness, injury, death or loss or damage to personal property. Personal accident insurance is strongly advised.


We specialize in one thing: Only organizing 'off the beaten path' private tours for individuals and small groups to experience the local customs. We don't do the following tour or arrangement.

★ Please note that we are NOT a Travel Agent, we do NOT arrange flights, hotels, etc.

We do NOT provide an invitation letter to your visitor(s) to present with their visa application.

As a note, we do NOT work of a pornographic or illegal nature, period. We reserve the right to decline work to which we morally object.

★ Introduce prostitutes or compensated dating.

Cemetery tour and take pictures of the funeral.

Helping you find the hospital for artificial abortion or act as the pregnant woman's boyfriend to register. As artificial abortion is illegal in some countries.

★ If you come from the same industry in Guangzhou and just nose for tour routes with us, then sorry you cannot get any reply from us. we reserve the right to refuse service to you. It all depends on our intuition, hence please provide as much detail as possible when you make an inquiry. Again, we don't need any business cooperation from Guangzhou alien/local guide that doing the same industry with us, do NOT try to copy our routes or itineraries, it may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law at all costs. Thank you for your cooperation.