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Written by Janvi Chow
Published August 2018

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Important Note

In a bid to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus, Guangzhou has closed most major tourist attractions, they were "monitoring the situation" and would reveal when they could re-open in due course. We do not recommend traveling to Guangzhou or China before the end of March 2020.

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Home Tour Options Guangzhou Food Tours

Guangzhou Food Tours

We launch local Cantonese food tours to cater to food lovers and travelers who want to experience Guangzhou and Pearl River Delta through its fantastic culinary culture. Join us as we discover the delicious cuisine, history, and culture of Guangzhou and Pearl River Delta. We will lead you to taste traditional and delicious local food that makes this area of Guangzhou so unique. You'll be entertained, informed and well-fed. The food tours will be interweaved with Sai Kwan Walking Tour or Shunde Taste Cultural Food Tour to explore historic landmarks, busy, and hidden side streets of this small district. 

Vegetarian travelers to Guangzhou needn’t feel left out! Our Guangzhou food tours are easily adaptable to vegetarian travelers. For people with gluten intolerance or Celiac disease, ordering food in Guangzhou can be a daunting task, even the condiments make it hard to dodge gluten in China. However, we're still able to arrange a meal and desserts with very limited choices for you. Please let us know if you or anyone in your party has a dietary restriction when you book your food tour. We will try to accommodate your special food needs. Please make known your dietary requirements & allergies, it will not be possible to arrange special tasting's without advance notice.

The food tours are held rain or shine, attenders should dress appropriately for conditions. In the rare case where severe, dangerous weather conditions are expected, the food tours may have to be canceled and rescheduled. With 6-8 tastings on each food tour, there is enough food served that most participants will not find it necessary to eat afterward. With the combination of drink and food tastings combined most guests are comfortably full after the food tour. There are several restrooms available during this food tour. 

Honesty is the best policy for doing business. To keep your tour cost low, we will not include food and drink in the food tours price, they are usually very reasonable so that you have more options according to your needs and additional budget. Some guests want to try more yet others don't, or some guests have allergies to certain food that they can't eat everything, or because of religious restrictions, etc. We don't get a kickback from every aspect. To show our sincerity and honesty, we'd ask our clients to pay for the food according to the bills, please also cover our food on the food tours, however, these will be minimal.

Look at What Our Customers Are Saying our food tours on their blogs…

Tour of Old Canton After two days of following Michelin, it was time for a change and we enlisted the aid of Janvi, a local tour guide, to take us on a Guangzhou city and food walk. Our first stop? Lunch, of course. Janvi took us to a local dim sum spot where we had three types of dim sum (small, bite-sized portions of food served in steaming baskets.)……It was all very good and we ended the day really happy with all the restaurants Janvi had recommended and taken us to.

Guangzhou as formerly known as Canton and is considered the home of Cantonese food, so food tours are very popular excursions in the city. In addition, there are more restaurants per capita in Guangzhou than any other city in China……And along the way, we saw seamstresses, cabinetry makers, and food stalls. Loud chirps echoed in the bird and herb markets. We saw people at play, rest and everything in between. And it was a great opportunity to see everyday life in Guangzhou.

Our food tours won't take you to any Internet Celebrity Restaurants, except those have been around for decades now but they continue to be one of the most viral food trends on social media. There are many Internet Celebrity Restaurants that have become famous by means of the internet, they were all described as looking better than they taste. Many copycat restaurants tend to come up by borrowing themes and concepts that are already successful. The trend has prompted restaurants, bakeries and cafes all over China to create food fad. The food all look great on pictures, but they don't taste very good at all, despite having millions of likes or reviews on social media, this is a very bad business idea.

We can't taste the food one by one without stopping, otherwise, we will easily feel full, and when one feels full, the food will be tasteless. We need to do some exercise to make more room for our stomachs, hence the food tours will be interweaved with
Sai Kwan Walking Food Tour and Shunde Taste Cultural Food Tour. Come Hungry! We also list other Chinese vegetarian restaurants for vegetarian travelers who short of time to take a vegetarian food tour. Please visit Guangzhou vegetarian restaurants.