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Written by J. C.
Published August 2018

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Shunde Louvre Furnishings


Shunde Louvre furnishings Co.,ltd (foshan furniture market)owns exhibition hall taking up 60.000 square meters which is equipped with 7-star hardware facilities covering global high-end furniture essence and is the largest self-run bazaar of high-end furniture in china.

In particular,the louvre-casa,taking up 20.000 square meters and gathering together European top 10 luxury furniture and decoration brands,is the peak works in chinese and even global furniture industry.

Major exhibits:

  • Mahogany, solid wood, modern plate-typed, rattan, metal & glass furniture
  • Furniture in living rooms, restaurants, bedrooms, study rooms, offices and a series of products for children & youths
  • Classical, Neo-classical, Modern classic furniture
  • Chinese, Continental, American, Japanese-style

Louvre Furnishings Group, a leading enterprise in China’s home furnishing industry and one of the outstanding brands of global household products, is a diversified and comprehensive furnishings group integrating global product operation, mart channel management, home furnishings brand promotion and creative home furnishings R&D into an organic whole. It was founded in “China’s Leading Furniture City - Lecong (Shunde)” in 2000. In the past ten years, the Group has been forging ahead with determination, concentrating on the development of the global furniture and home furnishings industrial chain in both breadth and depth. One after another, new powerful companies were invested by it, including the Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center Co., Ltd., the Louvre Euramerican Furnishings Co., Ltd., the Louvre Trading Co., Ltd. and the Louvre Advertising Co., Ltd. In 2010, another RMB 1.6 billion was invested by the Group in the building of the Louvre International Furnishings Headquarters, combined with the Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center, forming the tallest and largest landmark furnishings themed architectural complex in the world. And it will turn into a business center that leads the Asian Furnishings into the world market.


Address: Lecong Road, National Highway No.325, Shunde District, Foshan City
Chinese Address:佛山市顺德区325国道乐从路  罗浮宫国际家具博览中心