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Written by J. C.
Published August 2018

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Home Travel Guide Local Food Where to Eat Best Chickens in Guangzhou?

Where to Eat Best Chickens in Guangzhou?

guangzhou chickens

Chicken is a "must-eat" in Cantonese restaurants. The variety of styles is impressive. Here's sample of best-known dishes, as well as where they're done best.

Wenji Yixin (Single-hearted) Chicken – (formerly known as Qingping Chicken)

Qingping Chicken was the signature dish of the Qingping Restaurant in Guangzhou's historic western downtown area, ranked in the top 10 provincial chicken dishes in 1993. Qingping Chicken is cooked in seasoned brine, which gives lively flavors to the skin, meat and even the bones.

Some years ago the Qingping Restaurant closed down, but its kitchen team went en-masse to the newly-established Wenji Restaurant in Baohua St., keeping Qingping Chicken alive under a new name, "Wenji Yixin Chicken".

Tongji Freshly-cut Chicken
Two kinds of seasoning are provided for each portion -- one is a home-made sauce with shallots and ginger, the other is a yellow mustard sauce made with chicken stock. A fresh, rich flavor.

A small restaurant in Changshou Dong St., Li Wan, has made a big name for itself with this chicken for decades.

Taiye (My Lord) Chicken
Invented by a local county magistrate some 90 years ago, and taken this name ever since. Light and sweet meat counterposed with comfortably bitter flavors are its characteristics.

Its home is in Wenming St. in the city center, with four outlets in Dadao Rd., Guigang Market in Dongshan, Jiangnan Xi Rd. and Huaxia Kanglong Supermarket in Liwan Rd..

Lubian (Roadside) Chicken
Tasting somewhat like Yixin Chicken, with a history of over 20 years. Same same but different. Try it at Heliju Shengji Home-made Restaurant in Guangda St..


Lubian (Roadside) Chicken                               Shishi Chicken

Shishi Chicken
Originating some 80 years ago, the emphasis is on presentation and a fabulous sauce seasoning, considered the key to its fame.

Very authentic Shishi Chicken is served at Dongfang Hotel and Huijing Garden Restaurant (near Jiangwan Bridge) the latter under the name of "Huijing Jinpai (Gold Medal) Chicken".

Dongjiang Salt-baked Chicken
This dish originates from the Dongjiang District and involves burying the chicken in salt and baking it in an oven. After the chicken is served the color of the meat appears yellow. The skin is crisp and the meat tender with a strong flavor of bones. This course is good for one's kidneys.

Dongjiang Salt-baked Chicken                                  Hakka Salty Chicken

Hakka Salty Chicken
The chicken is cured with salt and other seasonings producing a strong flavor and tender meat. The longer you chew the meat the more delicious it becomes.

Zhanjiang Chicken
The skin of the chicken is crisp and the meat tender. This dish is not oily.

Crystal Chicken
This dish belongs to the category of stewed chicken with soup. Crystal chicken cooked in a well-decorated hotel in Shougouling Road always impresses customers as a result of its rich and oil free taste. The highlight of this course is the clear chicken soup boiled with Chinese traditional medicines in accordance with secret recipes.

Braised Chicken with Shallot
This is a famous course cooked in the Chicken Village Restaurant in Yingbin Road, Panyu. It tastes delicious and the method for this dish is simple. Braise a cured chicken on a copper tray with white wine, shallots, sliced Chinese dates and preserved szechuan pickles. It is typical farmland cuisine.


Roast Chicken
Happy Woods, a roadside restaurant surrounded by bamboo woods is full of pleasure and lies near the Taihe Reservoir in the suburbs of Guangzhou. It is famous for roast short ribs in coal and roast chicken. Especially chicken hung in the air and roasted by burning straws and firewood. The key for this dish is fire control. This course is prepared in a primeval way. During and after eating, people may have charcoal around their mouths. Even so, it creates a lot of wild fun.


Braised Capon with Ginger and Spring Onion
This is a dish cooked in Xiangqun Restaurant situated at the corner of Nonglin Xia Road and Huanshi Road. The size of this kind of chicken is relatively bigger. When it is served, ginger and spring onions are sprinkled on the chicken. This is different from the traditional way of serving the dish were people dip the chicken into the mixture of ginger and spring onion before eating. There are restrictions to purchasing this dish due to the limited availability of this type of chicken.

Mud-braising Chicken
This is a popular dish at the Xinghua Restaurant located in Huahai Road, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai. When all the mud wrapped around the chicken during cooking is knocked off, the dish can be served. The smell of this dish will fill up one's house.