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Written by J. C.
Published August 2018

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Home Travel Guide Introduction Of Guangzhou Guangzhou, The City of Flower

Guangzhou, The City of Flower



Guangzhou is located in the subtropical zone with long summer and warm winter. The bright colorful flowers and green leaves that last for the whole year give Guangzhou a beautiful name of “The city of flower” since ancient times. The history of how Guangzhou people raise, love, appreciate and the present flower is long and rememberable. From the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 25), the southern Chinese started to raise, arrange, wear flowers as well as decorate the house and garden with flowers. That's why the southern Chinese were praised as the “people with flowers” started form that time. Nowadays, when you walk on the streets in Guangzhou, you can see beautiful trees and flowers almost everywhere. It also fresh the air and make the sky above us become more and more blue and clean.





In the Han Dynasty ( 206 B. C.-220 A. D.), trading on the Maritime Silk Road brought different kinds of flowers from oversea countries to Guangzhou. And the flower in Guangzhou has become famous since the Tang dynasty (A.D.618-907). Oversea flowers such as Jasmine and Henna were very commonly seen in that period, and the flower trading market started to appear in Guangzhou. Guangzhou girls threaded the flowers on colored strings for selling and attracted many oversea and local travelers. In the middle Qing Dynasty (A.D.1776 - 1839), Guangzhou pioneered the“New Year Flower Market ”and became very famous in the country.





The New Year Flower Market started three days before the Chinese New Year in Guangzhou every year. With all kinds of fascinating flowers and flood of exciting people, Guangzhou is truly worth calling the one and the only“City of Flowers”. The New Year Flower Market has more than 200 years of history and continued until now. In recent years, the scale of the New Year Flower Market has become bigger and bigger, which held in 8 downtown districts in Guangzhou. The total length of the flower markets is over dozens of miles and full with millions of people. There are also poems, ballads, and songs about the Guangzhou flower market that have been circulated for generations and generations.