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Written by J. C.
Published August 2018

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Home Travel Guide Introduction Of Guangzhou Xihu Road Night Market of Guangzhou

Xihu Road Night Market of Guangzhou



The Guangzhou Xihu Road Night Market in Xihu Road is praised as the “South Pearl”of China, which was first established in May 1984, it is the first night market in the country. Xihu Road is full of magnificent lightings and excited people every night, and the picture of it has been kept in Guangzhou people’s memory for generations and generations.




The operators in the Guangzhou Xihu Road Night Market are the early phase, individual business families, in China. Many of them were the educated youth that had been sent to the mountain and countryside back in 1967-1976, and they were rejected by those “standard” state-run companies or collectives because of their “undesirable status” at that time. With the hope of starting a new life, they set up their business in Guangzhou Xihu Road Night Market, and there were only 200-300 booths in the beginning.



Every nightfall before the night market starts, the operators use bamboo poles to build up their booths along both sides of Xihu Road, with a lamp bulb hanging above each booth, and people streaming across. People can find almost everything in the night market, such as clothing, adornments, jewelry, daily necessaries, food, and so on. The night market attracted a large amount of Guangzhou citizens who have a poor nightlife. Also, because of the flexible and diverse business patterns, well-informed information, and good accessibility, the night-market attracts businessmen and manufacturers from all over the country. The number of booths increased very fast, from one line to two lines, and from two lines to cross lines. The number of booths reaches more than 1000 in the fastigium period and makes Xihu Road, as well as the surrounding roads, filled with people. The material used to build up the booths had changed into stainless steel poles from bamboo poles, the lamp bulb had changed into light pipes. Moreover, the disassembly and installation of each booth were changed to done by the professional team every night on schedule. The market also unified the design and decoration of each booth, and the scope of operation had developed to wedding dress, cheongsam and other high-grade clothing.