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Written by J. C.
Published August 2018

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Home Travel Guide Main Attractions Guangdong Museum of Chinese Nationals Residing Abroad

Guangdong Museum of Chinese Nationals Residing Abroad

Guangdong Museum of Chinese Nationals Residing Abroad

Guangdong Museum of Chinese Nationals Residing Abroad is a provincial-level museum dedicated to overseas Chinese. The foundation was laid in 1995 and construction was completed in 2002. The Museum has been open to the public since November 2009, with over 7000 exhibits. It is also a Chinese cultural heritage base of Guangdong Province.

The Museum has a construction area of 6000 square metres, among which 4200 square metres for display and exhibition. The total investment was 42 million yuan, including 17 million from the provincial budget, 8 million from the provincial Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and nearly 17 million donated by overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao compatriots and other people. The Museum offers ad hoc exhibition, display of the history of overseas Chinese from Guangdong, houses of Chinese nationals residing abroad and a review of the creation of the Museum. The historical exhibition is composed of six sections including emigration, hard work and entrepreneurship, cultural heritage, a long-standing noble spirit, a bond with the home province and affairs relating to Chinese nationals residing abroad, giving a comprehensive and systematic demonstration of the history and culture of overseas Chinese from Guangdong and presenting a record of the great contribution of overseas Chinese, HongKong and Macao compatriots and returned overseas Chinese and family members of Chinese nationals residing abroad.

Guangdong Museum of Chinese Nationals Residing Abroad stands to serve the country, the overseas Chinese and the local community. It endeavours to become an important national base to collect and research into historical literature and relics of overseas Chinese, demonstrate their cultures and carry forward the spirit and culture, an important platform to conduct cultural exchanges with Chinese nationals residing abroad and a key provider of public cultural services.

Guangdong Museum of Chinese Nationals Residing Abroad

The First floor: historical exhibitions, houses of overseas Chinese in Guangdong; The Second floor: historical displays -- Emigration, Hard Work and Entrepreneurship, Cultural Heritage; The Third floor: historical displays -- A Long-standing Noble Spirit, A Bond with Home Province, Overseas Chinese Affairs; Museum History;

The Emigration section talks about the efforts of the ancestors of overseas Chinese to sail toother parts of the world for commerce and trade, the hardship and sufferings they experienced, thedifficult times of anti-Chinese movements and their integration into the local communities, givingan overview of the history of Cantonese migrating overseas, the reasons and the features of suchemigration. People of Guangdong have a long and continuous history of emigration. In modemtimes, Cantonese have emigrated abroad on a large scale and with a wide distribution all over theworld for economic, political, military, religious, cultural and social reasons.

Guangdong Museum of Chinese Nationals Residing Abroad

The Hardship and Entrepreneurship sction tells the stories of Cantonese ancestorsoverseas cultivating barren land to create farms and towns and engaging in different sectors suchas agriculture, mining, transportation, commerce, industry, finance and services. It showcases theentrepreneurial and pragmatic spirit of Cantonese daring to take risks and overcome various hardshipsand difficulties in new environments of different challenges. They cultivated barren land to createfarms, dug mines, built roads, engaged in commerce and trade, developed industries and servicesand took part in the development of urban and rural areas, contributing to local economic and socialdevelopment, which are records in the history of the relevant countries.

The Cultural Heritage section depicts temples, societies, education, journalismopera and arts and chinatown. Ancestors of overseas Chinese livedin concentrated areasoverseas, some of which developing into Chinatowns, built up their own communities andorganizations, and developed education and journalism in Chinese. They have spread theChinese culture to the rest of the world and become envoys of Chinese culture.

The section titled A Long-Standing Noble Spirit shares the stories of overseas Chinese in supporting the Revolution of 1911, saving the country by developing the aviationindustry, assisting the motherland in its resistance against Japanese aggression, fighting sideby side with the local communities of their countries of residence, and engaging in resistanceagainst foreign aggression in countries of residence. Bearing in mind all the time the lifeor death and the prosperity or fall of their motherland, the overseas Cantonese activelysupported and participated in the 1911 Revolution led by Dr. Sun Yat-sen and went all outto support and take part in the motherland's war of resistance against Japanese aggression,making a major contribution to overthrowing the Qing Dynasty and winning the war ofresistance against Japanese aggression. They also joined force with the people of theircountries of residence against colonialism and fascism, making a major contribution to thegreat victory of the world's anti-fascist war.

The section A Bond with Home Province is composedof six parts: saving the countries with industrial development overseas remittance, public welfare and philanthropic undertakings,a collective letter to the home country, family ltters, and sports development in overseas Chinese hometowns. Although living abroad, overseas Cantonese have followed the developments intheir home country and hometown closely, remitted money to support their families, bought land, built houses and repaired ancestral graves. They have also come back to invest in China to develop national industries and rejuvenate the country and donated to public welfare undertakings, making an enormous contribution to the socio-economic development in their hometowns.

Tourist Information of Guangdong Museum of Chinese Nationals Residing Abroad

⌚ 9:30 ~ 17:00;
¥Free admission;
✉ No.32 Yanyu Road, Yuexiu District. (广州市越秀区二沙岛烟雨路32号);

How to get there

  1. Bus 89/194/131A/131B/B21 get off at Xinghai Concert Hall bus stop;
  2. Taxi from Beijing Road cost around CNY¥18;