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Written by J. C.
Published August 2018

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Home Travel Guide Main Attractions Hexiangu Temple

Hexiangu Temple

Zengcheng Hexiangu Temple

There are eight immortals in Taoism. It is especially easy to remember the beautiful woman Hexiangu immortal. The temple is a historical monument and acultural relic site protected by the Zengcheng goverment. It is also one of the eight new sights of the city.

It was first built in the Ming Dynasty and the last renovation was completed in the eighth year of Xianfeng in the QingDynasty (1858). The temple is a structure of brick and stone girder. There are three lines of single-storeyed houses. Its central and lower ridges are all decorated with upward -turning ornaments. The stone gate on the facade of the temple has a horizontal tablet with “ Hexiangu Temple engraved on it in Lishu (official script, an ancient style of calligraphy in the Han Dynasty).

Entering the gate, there is a big screen standing before us. On the screen is a colour picture of Hexiangu. It was drawn by Mai Huasan, a well-known calligrapher in Guangdong Province, and Chen Shuiyuan, a famous painter and calligraphy artist in Zengcheng. Walking around the screen, we come to the second line of the single-storeyed house, which is the main hall of the temple. Here, a statue of Hexiangu about 70 centimetres high was carved from camphor wood. The embroidered robe worn by Hexiangu was donated by people from Thailand and the pearl headwear was donated by people from HongKong. There are still many silk banners hanging in the hall. These banners are tokens of appreciation to Hexiangu, dedicated by people from Malaysia, Thailand), Japan, Singapore and other countries. There are two festivals for the temple, the birthday of Hexiangu ( March 7th according to-the Chinese traditional calendar) and the date when Hexiangu became a fairy because of her excellent practices (August 8thaccording to the Chinese traditional calendar). On these two festivals, many joss-sticks and candles are burning in the temple.


Tourist Information of Hexiangu Temple

⌚ 09:00~17:00;
¥20 Yuan;
✉ Xiaolou Town, Zengcheng District. (广州增城小楼镇);

How to get there

  1. Metro Line 1 & 2 Gongyuanqian station I2;
  2. Take the bus No.104 get off at Zhongshan 6th Road;


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