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Written by J. C.
Published August 2018

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Home Travel Guide Main Attractions Qingping Market

Qingping Market

Guangzhou Qing Ping market

Qing Ping Market started its journey in 1979 and since then, many stalls exist on both sides of its ancient, constricted alleyways. The true charm of the market exists in these alleys where more than 60,000 people do business daily. So, if you want to experience the true Cantonese spirit, you should surely visit these alleys, which offer a wide variety of articles to suit every taste and budget.

You can see the different styles of food that locals buy so they can prepare their daily meals, it was huge and held all sorts of interesting items! Like dried sea cucumbers dried sea horses, etc. Interesting to browse around.

The Cantonese like to boil soup over a slow flame for at least 2 hours; suppose to be a good tonic to keep the doctors away. This market offers all kinds of herbal ingredients for the soup pot. You can find endless rows of seafood, turtles, fish, snakes, and all parts of animals are on display for your shopping pleasure.

Other parts of the market had dry goods. Every day people come here to buy up to several thousand, including people or near the cities of Guangzhou and cities there are many visitors from Hong Kong and Taiwan, including foreigners who want to come here for.

So, whether you are a vegan or non-vegan, food lover or antique enthusiast, the Qing Ping market will surely help you enjoy the true taste of indigenous Cantonese life and offer you an experience of a lifetime! Due to a Government initiated renovation, the Qing Ping market now looks graceful with new glossy mall-like constructions and a more hygienic environment. The old alleys are still there with their concealed beauty, but more vegetable commodities are sold nowadays than meat and exotic animals.


Admission Fee: free of charge

Opening Hours: Access all day

Address: Liwan District, Guangzhou.

Chinese Address: 广州市荔湾区 广州清平中药材批发市场

How to get there

  • Take subway line 1 and get off at Huangsha Station.Out of Exit E and walk around 220 yards (200m) toward east.