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Written by J. C.
Published August 2018

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Home Travel Guide Around Guangzhou Baishuizhai Waterfall Scenic Spot

Baishuizhai Waterfall Scenic Spot

Guangzhou Zengcheng Baishuizhai Waterfall

Baishuizhai Waterfall is located in Paitan Town in the northern mountainous region of Zengcheng District of Guangzhou. Baishui Village Scenic Spot is a provincial tourism resort. On weekends, it is a great delight to watch Baishuixian (White Daffodil) Waterfall, the number-one waterfall in terms of water head in the Chinese Mainland with friends and families. Or you can choose to climb the "Number-one Ladder of South China" and the wooden boardwalks, altogether 9,999 steps. Situated in the Tropic of Cancer and covering an area of some 200 square kilometers, Baishui Village Scenic Spot is regarded as a magnificent emerald in the Tropic of Cancer. The resort can be likened to a countryside park of South China, which boasts unique waterfalls, weathering landforms and topography, an enchanting countryside landscape and a mesmerizing ecological system that consists of forests, hot spring, and mountainous lakes.

In spring and summer, there are clouds and mists in the mountains; in autumn and winter, there are various colorful plants, including some rare and protected species, like Fujian cypress, camphor tree, and Gymnosphaera podophylla.

At the 699th step, you can see the waterfall divided into two streams by a huge boulder, flying down like two dragons and merging into a green pond. The Pumingtai Platform at the 1,499th step is a great place to listen to the thundering waterfall and enjoy the fresh air. The area reportedly has the greatest concentration of anion in Guangdong Province, making Baishuizhai Scenic Spot a natural oxygen bar.

This is a pleasant spot to visit set in pleasant surroundings not far from the city. The waterfall is no giant but is claimed to be the highest in mainland China: it is best appreciated from a short distance away. If you enter the park, entrance about 70 yuan, the entire pathway to the mountain summit above the waterfall has been developed. In the lower reaches it is a plankway, some on swinging chains, often crossing the cascade. After that, it is what appears to be granite steps. The park claims there are 9999 steps. For the less strong there is a bus service for ¥20 yuan. If you are walking you should allow maybe 5 hours for the return trip from the entrance. There are unnumbered buses from Zengcheng to the park and the trip takes a little over an hour.

Janvi Tours is able to arrange this sightseeing tour for anyone who would like to visit Shimen National Forest Park, please make an inquiry to us.


Admission Fee: CNY ¥60

Opening Hours: 8:30 am ~ 5:30 pm

Address:Pai Tan Town, Zeng Cheng District, Guangzhou

Chinese Address:广州增城区派潭镇

How to get there

  • Take subway line 1 and get off at Kengkou Station. Out of Exit B and walk around 394 yards (360m) toward northeast to reach Fangcun Coach Terminal. And take Bus line Zeng Cheng Pai Tan Ban Xian(增城派潭班线).