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Written by Janvi Chow
Published August 2018

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Important Note

In a bid to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus, Guangzhou has closed most major tourist attractions, they were "monitoring the situation" and would reveal when they could re-open in due course. We do not recommend traveling to Guangzhou or China before the end of March 2020.

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Home Informations Around Guangzhou Shimen National Forest Park

Shimen National Forest Park

Shimen National Forest Park

There are not so many places that you can go to see fall foliage in Guangzhou. Locals usually flock to Shimen National Forest Park for their fall color trips. Shimen Park enjoys the good name "Guangzhou Fragrance Hill". The park has 494.2 acres of red autumnal leaves and embraces features of a south subtropical zone. The park mainly contains three categories of trees: maple, sapium discolor and red maple, which mostly grow in the park’s Pastoral Areas, Shimen Scenic Area and Shizao Scenic Area.

These are also the park’s sightseeing spots, where mountain view red leaves can be seen. In the Shimen Scenic Area, waterscape red leaves and distant view red leaves can be seen. Moreover, along with the broadleaf evergreen are another 10 categories of red leaves that add radiance and beauty to each other, thus forming unique scenery in the southland.

Sightseeing Time: from the second half of October to the first half of January in the second year.

Heaven Peak, the highest peak in Guangzhou, is located in the northwestern corner of the park. It’s 1280 m high, where the tall 'Stone Gate', 'Stone Gate Pool', the 'Fragrant Snow', misty 'Stone Oven Smoke', 'Hundreds of Waves', 'Carp Slabstone', 'Sacred Men Grinding', etc. Many wonderful natural sceneries are created by the supernatural hand of nature; man is bestowed by this blessing.

Stone Oven Smoke got its reputation from its location. The primitive secondary forest here and the misty ancient woods make a picturesque landscape. The natural stone gate has a peddle-full river flowing through and stone banyan nearby, accompanied by the fragrant snow which together with Liuxi Fragrant Snow and Luogang Fragrant Snow are called '3 plum seas' in Guangzhou. Stone Gate Fragrant Snow is located in Shimen Valley and has hundreds of mus plum forest, which attracts people pursuing snow and plum blossoms.

During the second half of each December, while appreciating the red leaves here you can also enjoy hundreds of acres of clubs, peach blossoms and plum flowers in the Pastoral Areas and the Shimen Scenic Area. In autumns and winters, Shimen National Forest Park is filled with red autumnal leaves, making the hill appear as if it was dyed, just like a beautiful picture and a songlike poem. There are so many beautiful scenes that you simply can't take them all in. All the clubs come out as brand-new white snow, and the aroma fills your nose, reflecting a northland sight. You may dunk yourself in the natural Oxygen Bar and release any fatigue that you may have from your day job, that will mean a lot. Every year, the red leaves scenery in Shimen Park can last for more than 60 days. During the springtime, green trees fill the splendid mountain with vigor. In the winter, the hill crowned with red leaves is intoxicating and displays great appeal. Being here will make you believe that you do not need to seek red maples in the distant Fragrance Hill, for you can enjoy everything here.

Location: Taoyuan Town, Conghua, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province(广东省广州从化桃园镇)

Transportation: take the Guangzhou-Conghua bus to Conghua Bus Station (Jiekou), then take the Jiekou-Dalingshan bus and you’ll reach the foot of the mountain.


Admission Fee: CNY ¥40
Opening Hours: 9:00 am ~ 5:00 pm

Address: Da Ling Shan Tree Farm, Taoyuan Town,Conghua District, Guangzhou

Chinese Address:广州市从化区桃园镇大岭山林场

How to get there

  • Take subway line 2 or line 5 and get off at Guangzhou Railway Station. Walk to Passenger Transport Station of Guangzhou and take the bus to Conghua Bus Station. And take bus Line Lianhua A and get off at Da Ling Shan (大岭山) Station. Walk around 4921 yards (4.5 km) towards northeast to get there.