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Written by J. C.
Published August 2018

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Home Travel Guide Around Guangzhou Foshan Liang Garden

Foshan Liang Garden

Foshan Liang Garden

There are two famous gardens in Foshan City, Liang Garden and Qinghui Garden have distinctive features with nature and humanity enhancing each other. Both of them are listed in the four famous classical gardens of Guangdong. The beautiful scenery of Liang Garden has attracted many photography teams to come here for shooting.

Liang Garden, one of the four famous gardens in Guangdong, is located in SongfengRoad, Foshan City. It is a large private garden built by Liang Geru and his three nieces, LiangJiuzhang, Liang Jiuhua and Liang Jiutu during the reigns of Jjiaqing and Daoguang of the QingDynasty. The overall layout is made up of a residence, ancestral hall and gardens, which integrated naturally and are seldom seen in ancient Chinese gardens. It has the most characteristics of large-scale local mansion gardens, especially with strange peaks and stones as an important landscaping method.

According to legend, there are more than 400 pieces of Qishi in Liangyuan, which has the reputation of having more stones than books. Among them, the most attractive one among the Stars Cottage is Shiting. It pays attention to forming a single stone and forming a scene from a single stone, which is unique among Lingnan private gardens. The owner of Liang Yuan highlights the individual characteristics through the arrangement of monoliths and solitary stones, expressing the pursuit of human personality and free personality.

The building group of Qunxing Thatched Cottage is composed of  a thatched cottage, guest hall, Qiushuangxuan, ship hall and corridor. The building is exquisite and unique, although it is small in size, it is small and exquisite. These buildings are based on stone courtyards, mountain courtyards, and water courtyards. The buildings are spacious and transparent, surrounded by corridors, and they are fascinating. They are used to study the local characteristics, layout, and landscape of ancient literati gardens in Lingnan. The rare typical examples of issues such as cultural connotation, etc., show the ancient literati’s pursuit of staying away from the crowds and enjoying the pleasure of forest springs, and also reflect the yearning for garden-style houses and natural space environment in the Cantonese culture.

The unique skill of creating different scenes shows the garden style of South China in the Qing Dynasty. The buildings are closely integrated with poetic charm and every corner is filled with poetic beauty and painted surrounding.

Tourist Information of Liang Garden

⌚ 09:00 - 17:00;
¥10 Yuan; Free of Charge on Satuarday
✉ 93 Xianfeng Ancient Road, Chancheng District, Foshan. (佛山市禅城区松风路先锋古道93号);

How to get there

  1. Take Metro to Guangfo line from Guangzhou;
  2. You may take Bus Route No. 105、106、114、118、128 to Liang Garden Station (梁园);

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