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Written by J. C.
Published August 2018

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Home Travel Guide Around Guangzhou Yingxi Peak Forest Corridor Scenic Area

Yingxi Peak Forest Corridor Scenic Area

Yingxi Peak Forest

Yingxi peak forest corridor has formed more than 200 million years ago, the geological structure is broadly similar to Guilin, both are karst mountains, Yingxi peak forest corridor is Known for its wondrous karst landscapes, these small peaks rising from the ground are the result of millions of years of water erosion. Yingxi peak forest corridor is located in the limestone area of Yingde City. It is about 150 km away from Guangzhou.

Yingxi Peak Forest Corridor Scenic Area consists of more than 1000 different shapes of karst mountain which was composed of a linear arrangement with a beautiful natural landscape. With an orderly combination consisting of mountains, rivers, caves, stone, and forest, as well as the local custom embellishment and misty peaks, constitutes such a vivid painting of pastoral scenery. The main attractions here are the Cave Wonderland, Little Guilin Rong Qiang, Peng family ancient temple, bamboo rafting, Guanyin Valley, and underground river rafting.

Dongtian Wonderland

Dongtian Wonderland is 2km away from the west of Jiulong Town. Please go into the cave by boat. The hole has huge stalactites hanging down which look like a dragon tongue, which is a karst landform that formed after a long geological history and specific geological conditions in carbonate rock caves areas. To enter the cave through a narrow place, here is a large cave with trees, grass, flowers, resembles a giant exclamation mark.

Guangdong Rongqiang Little Guilin

Rong Qiang Little Guilin is 1.5 km away from Jiulong town, the shape of these attractions like a group of natural bonsai. A stream running through them, the peaks nearby are small and unique with the wind shaking bamboo on both sides. Overlooking the surrounding mountains such as the screen, you’ll be carried away by the majestic reflection scenery of Guilin while boating around the mountains.

Peng Family Ancient Temple

Peng family ancient temple is located at the hillside of Mingjing Luoshan hill. The temple was built during the Ming and Qing dynasty, which has been used as a defensive building. With the architectural style of clan ancestral hall in the Ming Dynasty. The architectural form of Peng family ancient temple is similar to the Potala Palace in Tibet, known as Little Potala Palace. There also some articles have still well preserved, including wall carving, ancient grilles, and plaque that left in the Xianfeng period. With a height of 33 meters, housing from the foot of the hill to the top of the hill is divided into three layers which have clever layout and exquisite workmanship. The middle layer with exquisite carved eaves grilles is kept intact, which is the best place of leisure and reading for the Peng family. The third layer is the Peng family ancestral hall, which is the place to worship ancestors of the Peng family. Here you can overlook the surrounding forest landscape at the highest layer.

The bamboo floating is near the parking lot of Peng family Temple, the whole journey with a total of 1.5 km. The clear Huanghua river flows through the picturesque peaks forest on both sides of the villages.

Small Zhaozhou Bridge

Small Zhaozhou Bridge is 2 km away from Huanghua town. The bridge with a beautiful arc was built without mortar and pier, across the two sides of the brook. Around the bridge, the reflection of the rocks of the riverbank and undulating peaks from afar, forming a delicate landscape painting!

Yingde Yingxi Forest Peak Underground River Rafting is located in the limestone area to the southwest of Yingde city. The watercourse is 3.8 km long with a total fall of 96m. It boasts an underground river (cave) more than 800m long and is the first place providing underground river rafting service in South China.