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Written by J. C.
Published August 2018

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Home Travel Guide Around Guangzhou Dawen Water Village

Dawen Water Village

Guangzhou Tai Wan village

Dawen Village is located in Dongchong Town, Panyu District, Dawen Village is a small fishing village known for its water fun and traditional delicacies. The economy of Dongchong is rapidly changing from agricultural-based to industrial. Located in the Pearl River Delta and close to Hong Kong, the area has attracted manufacturers from Hong Kong and abroad.

Before the movement of land reform (1950) and the people's commune (1958), villagers in the movement lived on boats as a family or individuals, they didn't have a place to build their homes. If they rented farmland to grow crops, they would build a grass hut beside the fields to live in when ashore. They did not have the common community and collective ritual activities in this village, thus people around this area would not have formed a village and ancestral temple, they did not have the society of a traditional village.

Many people in this village lived by fishing and growing fruits and vegetables in the past 30 years. As a result of pollution and petrol getting more expensive, individual fishermen found it increasingly difficult to make a living by fishing, fishermen were forced to settle on the land.

Their fishing boats are berthed along river banks in front of their houses and they don't know when they will ever fishing for a living again. Most of the young people leave the village to work in factories, elderly people live in the village and take care of their small vegetable gardens in the daytime, and some of them have jobs as porters in the nearby restaurants at night.


Guangzhou Tai Wan village

You can take a boat cruise experience the beautiful scenery on both sides of the river in this water village, or you can ride a bicycle through these fields and breathe in the cool and fresh air that mixes with the vegetable and fruit fragrances. Leisure and comfortable is the first impression of this village.

As a major village for freshwater fish farms, the village is a well-known resort with several water-themed leisure areas. Among them are Yuluyuan Gourmet Garden, Water Animal Museum and Shatian Fishermen Gourmet Garden, all popular tourist stops. Various leisure activities can be found in the village, such as barbecuing, fishing, amusement parks, cycling, boating, and tennis. There are also several vegetable and fruit farms in the village, which are perfect for a family picking day. In the museum, entertainment performances are staged every day. Families can also enjoy classic movies at a theater built on the water. Cuisine made from freshwater fish is a must-try in the village. Other popular delicacies include pigeon, rice noodles and fresh vegetables.

Transport: Drive to Shawan via Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway, Dongguan-Foshan Expressway, Guangzhou-Macao Expressway, Nanshagang Expressway and Shinan Road.