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Shun Tak Water-Town Experience Tour

Shun Tak is a land of plenty, well known for fish farming, fruit production and flower cultivation. As of 2017 there are 18 cities in the world which have been awarded the UNESCO "City of Gastronomy", of which Shun Tak is one of two in China (the other being Chengdu). You have chance experiencing the life of the traditional Cantonese in this town. In this amazing place you also can enjoy the delicate Shun Tak cuisines. Let's have a meet with the very traditional Canton culture lesser-known water towns.

Begin the journey from your Guangzhou downtown hotel at 9:30 am, drive to Shun Tak (about 1.2 hours driving)

The tour will visit a 130 year-old mansion where one of the leading and richest oversea Chinese families of Shun Tak once lived. The whole residential garden is famous for its unique combination of Chinese and western style building and strong local characteristics of the ancient buildings.

You will have the opportunity to savour authentic sliced raw fish as lunch during your visit to Shun Tak. Shun Tak is one of the cradles of Cantonese cuisine, situated at the core of the Pearl River Delta. The chefs in the city pay special attention to retaining the ingredients' flavors and cook with attractive colors, fragrances and tastes that can be described as "light, fresh, crispy, tender, smooth and genuine". One must-try is the Carp Fish. Using four cooking approaches to handle one fish. A signature dish for the region is the fresh raw fish slices, the fish served here was fished out of a pond to order, pure white flesh is then removed from the skin and bones  and served on frozen plates. Chinese have been enjoying raw fish for at least 2,000 years, one advantage of using farmed fish for a raw dish is that the farmer knows with certainty what the fish are being fed, how clean the water is, and how healthy his stock is. True to Cantonese tradition, nothing goes to waste. The fish skin is quick-boiled with salt to form another dish. The fish bones are seasoned and pan-fried to a golden brown colour, the flesh that clung to the bones was tender and sweet. The final course was a porridge dish that had been made using the fish head and the other parts of the fish, rice grains and a stock made of rice water (skimmed off the pot of cooking rice) which is reputed to be nutritious.

Shunde cuisine

After having lunch, another one must-try is the milk dessert. Its use of water buffalo milk in sweet and savory creations. It may be difficult to find water buffalo milk outside of Shun Tak. Besides milk dessert, one have to try the other desserts too.

With a flat terrain, Shun Tak is endowed with a dense network of waterways, renowned for its fish farming ponds, rice paddies with silkworm mulberry trees planting around, forming an effective system of agriculture. It is also an unforgettable feature of the Pearl River Delta. We will visit a charming water village on the outskirts of the town after lunch, it is a beautiful river village has a history going back nearly 2,300 years. Around the village waterway, the area of waterways is up to 28km. There are hundreds of ancient houses, old trees all over the slate road, tree lined, calm and poetic. Stroll through the 800-year-old village, discover its picturesque waterways by walking or boat before returning to Guangzhou. The ancient canals, ancient ancestral halls and the ancient bridges, and many history elements will make a lot of surprise to you!

shunde watertown

Drive back to Guangzhou by 5 pm.

Tour Information
Starting time: 9:30 am;
Meeting point: Your hotel entryway;
Duration: Approx. 7 hours;

Up to 3 guests: USD$180 per group; 4 guests and above: Price available upon request;  
1. Private Car;
2. Down town Hotel pick-up and drop off;
3. Guide (Guide and Driver will be a same person if under 4 guests);
1. The price (USD) is the total amount for your group and not per-person charge;
2. Hotels located in the Huadu district and near the airport required an extra charge USD$20;


Additional Costs
To keep your tour cost low, we have not included food in the tour price, they are usually very reasonable, so that you have more option according to your needs and budget. Please cover our expenditure in the tour (meals and drink). However, these will be minimal. Based on our experience, usually the additional costs as follows:

The feast of the fish is under CNY¥50 per person;
Dessert costs from CNY¥8~CNY20 per person;
Steamed Rice Cake costs CNY¥10 for a lunch-box size;


Booking Process
To complete your Guangzhou Private Tour booking, a 30%~50% deposit is required via Paypal or telegraphic transfer after we set the tour date and tour duration with you. We will send you a PayPal invoice, you will have the option to use your credit cards or deposit card to complete the payment process (even if you are not a PayPal account holder). Note: A 4.7%~5.79% Paypal transaction fees will be charged on the total amount of the transaction when deposit is made by Paypal. Once payment is made, the booking of your Guangzhou Private Tour is confirmed. The remaining balance is payable in cash only on tour day with us, you can pay in either U.S. Dollar or Chinese Yuan, whatever is convenient for you. We prefer U.S. Dollars without any damage and stain, otherwise please provide Chinese Yuan.