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Rural Hakka Driving Tour with Local Family Visit

In Guangzhou, urbanization has drastically changed things in the past few hundred years, but truly authentic villages still exist in abundance throughout the countryside.

There are indeed some beautiful villages around the city for you to enjoy rural view. Escape to the villages for a taste of China's rural life; unwind from the hustle and bustle of China's modern cities; - you'll be shocked by the big contrast! No tourists Guarantee!

The genius of the Hakka is best seen in the unique roundhouses of the mountainous borderland of three provinces—Guangdong, Fujian and Jiangxi. Let's learn the evolution of Hakka dwellings in rural Guangzhou from this tour. We are going to explore the traditional villages & Chinese rural dwellings unique to the Hakka group in mountain area of Guangzhou and begin our tour at your downtown hotel at 9:45 am.

Highlights & Itinerary

This tour takes you off the beaten track to experience the grass-roots Guangzhou, experiencing fresh home cooked food and seeing how the farming folk of South China live. You get a real sense of family and friendship!

Itineraries of Guangzhou Driving Tour

Stop A: After around 1.5 hours driving from downtown, we arrive a 350 years old ancient village. Here you can see the only ancient traditional Hakka dwelling which was built in 1715 in Guangzhou region. A little background of this village: This village was praised as the “Scholar Village”, and it was credited to a Feng-Shui Master back at that time. Chen's brothers just moved from Meizhou, Jiaoling county to the "A" village, and the life was considered quiet and peaceful. By a lucky coincident, a Feng-Shui master from this village told them that to build a big, round house in a good Feng-Shui area would defiantly make the Chen's family flourished. After hearing about it, the Chen's started to look for the best land for building the house. And as we know, the house has became today's famous Hakka Dragon Den House.

Guangzhou Hakka Walled House

The Hakka people's attention on Feng-Shui is second to none in the world. The Hakka culture and interior arrangement of the houses are both closely related to Feng-Shui. We will introduce you how successfully apply Feng Shui system in the construction.

The evolution of Hakka dwellings in rural Guangzhou

As the time went on, the back of the Weilong houses turned from semicircle into straight line since the late Qing Dynasty

Guangzhou Hakka Round House

Afterwards learn about how the majority of villagers live, spend time with our family in their houses and have a traditional Hakka lunch at local family, you will eat what the locals eat - rice and a few typical Hakka dishes (possibly fish, pork or chicken and vegetable). Be prepared to eat with chopsticks! (Please note, as here is an authentic villages instead of a scenic spot, there's no restaurant and shops in the area. For a better blending with the locals, we can only eat whatever they provide us. So the ones with any kind of food allergy, food restrictions will not be suitable for this tour) In the afternoon, wander around the village, and enjoy the stunning views, then head for next destination.

Stop B: After we visit the main form of dwelling houses in 'A' village, we drive about 15 minute ride into the nearest small town visit the exotic and lively market,  this market is colorful with a beautiful array of fresh vegetables, fruit, spices and exciting with the typical smells of a wet market, it’s loud, a little dirty, and full of local culture. Many farmers in nearby villages sell fresh vegetables and fruit at this market and a roadside stand. Let's go and discover what are on offer.

Then drive back to your hotel at afternoon.

P.S. If you are a transit passenger and your transit hotel is located nearby Baiyun Airport or Huadu District, we will stop by a deserted village on our return trip, which is an ancient village built in Song Dynasty and is listed as a national emphasis cultural relic unit.

Tour Information

Starting time: 10 am;
Type of Tour:
Private Tour -- Just for you and your travel mates;
Meeting point: Your hotel entryway;
Duration: Approx. 6 ~ 6.5 hours;

Up to 3 guests: USD$210 per group; Maximum participant: 3 people;
INCLUDES: 1. Private Car; 2. Lunch at local family house; 3. Hotel pick-up and drop off; 
1. The price (USD) is the total amount for your group and not per-person charge;
2. Home cooked fresh Hakka cuisine lunch basically available every day, if the Homecooked lunch can not be arranged, we will have lunch at the farmer run restaurants instead.
3. Guide and Driver will be the same person;


Booking Process

To complete your Guangzhou Private Tour booking, a 30%~50% deposit is required via Paypal or telegraphic transfer after we set the tour date and tour duration with you. We will send you a PayPal invoice, you will have the option to use your credit cards or deposit card to complete the payment process (even if you are not a PayPal account holder). Note: A 4.7%~5.79% Paypal transaction fees will be charged on the total amount of the transaction when deposit is made by Paypal. Once payment is made, the booking of your Guangzhou Private Tour is confirmed. The remaining balance is payable in cash only on tour day with us, you can pay in either U.S. Dollar or Chinese Yuan, whatever is convenient for you. We prefer U.S. Dollars without any damage and stain, otherwise please provide Chinese Yuan.

We can provide you a receipt for the payment of the tour for your tax records or expense reimbursement, please let us know in advance if receipt is needed.