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Taxi Scrams in Guangzhou

guangzhou taxi

Know the taxi fares in Guangzhou: The taxi fare is RMB10 flag-drop for the first 2.5km, RMB2.6 per each km beyond2.5km. No fuel surcharge is added. There is no extra cost for mid-night drive.

Best Choise: The taxis in Guangzhou have 7 colors – red, yellow, blue, gree, silver…Different colors mean different companies, many people recommend using the yellow taxis as that company only employs local Guangzhou drivers who know the city well.

Be careful of taxi. When you are at the airport and train station and long-distance coach station, there is no lack of over-enthusiastic cab drivers who want to grab your luggages and drag to their cars. Do not get onto anyof them. But it’s safe to get onto meter-charge cab, if using meter, make sure you know the route so that the taxi driver won’t get around always in a block.

Be careful of fake money. When you pay for the taix, if the dirver don't accept the money(Normally ¥100) as it was snipped in the corner something like that excuse and return to you exhange for another one, check the money carefully. Maybe he has already changed a fake one to you. I would recommend try to remember the last 4 digits of your notes when you pay the taxi driver the taxi fare and sitting in the front passenger seat beside the driver. Don't give him ample time to fish out a fake note to exchange for a genuine piece.

Kindly reminder: After the passport control in the airport, do not go with the touting private taxis, just ignore anybody coming to you for airport pickup service, and just follow the sign for the airport official taxi stand to take your taxi.