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Guangzhou Bonsai

Guangzhou Bonsai

When in Guangzhou you can find bonsai everywhere. Guangzhou is a city who loves Lingnan Bonsai. Lingnan Bonsai art is one of the five art genres in China. It takes trees, stones, etc as materials. After art processing and careful cultivation, the bonsai are reproducing natural scenic for people. The facture of Lingna bonsai often choose subtropical and tropical evergreen trees as bonsai. Stone materials in bonsai are corallites, calcite and others. Almost every family has bonsai. No matter how poor they are, they will put some bonsai home. Many families even export bonsai from other countries at high cost. There are bonsai in veranda, hall, garden, two sides of roads.

There are many professional bonsai market too. A place named Guangzhou Xi Yuan is regarded as “Home of Bonsai”. There converge all kinds of Lingnan bonsai. Tourists can have a visit or buy from there. In many scenic areas, there are bonsai exhibition and selling too.