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Carambola in Guangzhou

Carambola is also called star fruit is a fruit with great reputation in Chinese Lin Nan Area (Lin Nan refers to the south area of five mountains including the whole Guangdong, Guangxi and parts of Hunan and Jiangxi. Five Mountains included Yuecheng Mountain, Dupang Mountain, Mengzhu Mountain, Qitian Mountain and Dayu Mountain is the watershed of Yangtse River and Zhu River). The star fruit is “Yang Tao” in Chinese. When ripe, it turns mostly bright yellow with light tinges of green. The peel is very thin, and the pulp is juicy and crisp. There are three star fruit species in Guangzhou. The most famous for star fruit is from Xiaozhou Water Village.

The carambola, also known as starfruit is another crunchy and juicy fruit. It is an ideal fruit for people to lose weight. It is an excellent source of vitamin C and a good source of fiber. People with kidney problems, gout, osteoporosis and arthritis are advised to avoid eating this fruit due to its oxalic acid, a compound which can be harmful for them. Parsley, spinach, beets, chocolates and beans also contains oxalic acid.