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Litchi (lizhi)

Litchi in Guangzhou

Litchi is the “King of Fruits”(Chinese is lizhi). Guangzhou is rich in litchi, especially in Conghua and Zengcheng these two cities. Zengcheng Gua Lu is a kind of rare litchi originally in Zengcheng (a beautiful city in Guangdong province). Zengcheng located in the center of Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou is the “Golden Aisle” connected these three cities. This city is famous for litchi and it is regarded as “Home Town of Litchi”. Besides, Zengcheng Gua Lu litchi is the most famous sort in this city. Zengcheng Gua Lu is now well known all over the world.

The only ancestor of Zengcheng Gua Lu is about more than 400 years old. The ancestor has several generations at present all together about 100 plants. The hull of Zengcheng Gua Lu is red but with slightly green and each one has a green circle outside. Zengcheng Gua Lu Litchi can not be found in usual market as it is so rare. This kind of litchi is sold by grain not by weight. It may be the most pricy litchi in world. It was said the cheapest one grain of litchi was sold at ten-thousand RMB.