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Bamboo Pressed Noodles

Guangzhou bamboo pressed noddle

The noodle is made with eggs, traditionally made with duck egg, and is considered one of the rarer noodles in existence. Historically the chef rides a bamboo log to press the eggs, flour, and other ingredients together.

Bamboo noodles are traditional noodles made the old-fashioned artisanal way which the noodle master will astride a bamboo pole to knead the noodle dough. The novelty of bamboo noodles is of course not only in the bamboo. There are ’special’ ingredients used and it is said that the really really good quality bamboo noodles are made using essential ingredients like top-grade flour and duck eggs. This bamboo pole method of producing noodles is supposed to give a more delicate and firmer texture to the noodles while other distinct feature is in the taste of the noodles which has an unique flavour as opposed to ‘non bamboo noodles’ which usually are bland and can(or need to) soak up foreign flavors.

This traditional method of making noodles hailed from Guangzhou and is today a dying art as machines have long but taken over the bamboo job. In Hong Kong or some parts of China, it is termed as the ‘real’ noodles and purportedly, the one good thing about it is that this special noodles cannot be mass produced for you need a man to astride the bamboo pole.