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Shahe Rice Noodles


Guangzhou people seem like have special fondness for rice noodles and noodles with great passion. It named as so as it originally came from Shahe Town. Shahe is a small town at east of Baiyun Mountain. There is a fountain in this mountain.

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Steamed Vermicelli Roll

Guangzhou steamed vermicelli roll

Steamed Vermicelli Roll is a kind of rice-made food. It is now the necessary snack in Tea Houses and hotels of Guangzhou. There are some famous brand names for Steamed Vermicelli Rolls such as Yinji, Dakeyi, and Huahui.

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ShaoKao (BBQ) on street vendor

Guangzhou Shaokao

Street food is one of those things that's unique to a region and often overlooked when describing a culture. Yet, it's an essential part of life for many. It's cheap, fast, made to order, and tasty. Street barbecue vendors are a great way to have a whole pile of food you like cooked to lip-smacking perfection right in front of you on the street grill. Walk up, and choose any mouth-watering combo from the bamboo skewers of raw foods laid out on a long table - there are mushrooms (shitake, oyster, enoki), meats (pork, fish, prawn, squid, sausage) and vegetables (lotus root, spring onions, peppers), plus some unidentified tofu-type things.

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Yum Cha

Guangzhou Yum Cha

Yum cha is a great way to sample a variety of dishes without becoming overly full. For those of us who are used to more western fare for Sunday brunch, the level of culinary art in yum cha makes for a tasty, fresh and usually inexpensive alternative. Most importantly, yum cha is traditionally a social occasion, especially for families, as they catch up on news and discuss the week’s events and happenings.

A friend from Hong Kong once told me, “When Chinese people go to yum cha, they mostly order the shrimp dumpling—Haa gaau, because it’s like eating pizza without any cheese.” Some of the other standard dishes are “bao”—which are buns, baked or steamed, filled with meat and vegetables.

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Ginger Vinegar with Pig Trotters and Eggs

ginger vinegar with pig trotters and eggs

This traditional Chinese dish conveys a mystical message even in Chinese community, Chinese ginger vinegar (geung chou) is very good for your health.  It supposedly helps your body to warm itself and expel  “wind” from your body.  According to Chinese medicine, excess  “wind” inside your body can cause all sorts of ailments including joint pain, arthritis, headaches, etc.  This is traditionally made for women who have just given birth and is shared with friends and visitors in celebration of the arrival of the baby. However, it can be enjoyed by anyone, at any time of the year. Everyone makes this dish slightly differently, but the steps are simple and most of the time is spent resting the ginger and vinegar.

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