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Jiang Zhuang Nai


Jiang Zhuang Nai is the milk with ginger juice in jelly shape. Chemistry happens when the ginger put together with the milk at the temperature of 40 degree to 100 degree. The creamery is concreting.

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Double Layer Steamed Milk


A specialty of Guangzhou, Shuang Pi Nai or Double Layer Steamed Milk is enjoyed by both young and old. The dish is actually simmered milk with a solid covering made from a mixture of egg white and milk, hence the name Double-Skin Milk.

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Marinated Duck Jaw


Marinated Duck Jaw is a nice snack to increase your appetite. The cooking method is easy, but the way of making marinated juice is complex.This juice can be bought from the shop.So if the duck jaw and the marinated juice all are available, you can start making appetizing now.

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Yun Tun Mian


Yun Tun Mian is the local name called by Cantonese. Yun Tun Mian is wonton. It is said that in they had already had the habit of having wonton in Tang and Song Dynasties. Thin and nearly transparent skin covers much filings is one of the most important features.

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Congee with Pig's Liver and Kidneys


It is a rice congee stewed with pork balls, sliced pig liver and chitling. This rice congee is in white and bright color and interspersed with some red color. There are most stories about the source of this snack.

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