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Shrimp Dumpling


Shrimp dumpling is Guangdong shrimp dumpling for short and it is also called crystal shrimp dumpling. The filling of shrimp dumpling is the shelled fresh shrimp. Shrimp dumpling is the first one of "Four Kings" of Cantonese dim sum.

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Kaiji Sweetened Mung Bean Paste


Guangzhou located in the south of China, so it is very hot there. Cantonese have food paying attention to function of heat-clearing and fire-toxin releasing. Mung Bean Paste is ideal snack having this function.

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Shunji Coconut Ice Cream


Shunji is an old brand name for ice cream in Guangzhou. In Shunji all the ice creams are made by the most ancient way. From making powder to mix round the slurry are made by handwork. It can serve people the most delicious ice cream.

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Hewei Niuzai Luobo


Beef haslets (organs such as heart and liver) are mixed with radish, seasoned with aniseed and Sichuan pepper, and cooked over an open fire. It’s served hot and best consumed quickly. It is a long Chinese name and is hard to spelling.

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Guozheng Zongzi


Guozheng Zongzi is the improved zongzi. Zongzi is a pyramid-shaped mass of glutious rice wrapped in leaves. Guangzhou zongzi features big size and nice shape. Fillings beside the fresh meati, there are sliced chicken, sliced duck, barbeque pork, vitelline mung bean and so on.

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