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Home Informations Introduction Of Guangzhou Memories of Old Canton Photographs

Memories of Old Canton Photographs

A century ago, Canton suffered an epidemic disease called malaria. Fortunately, a new drug called "Leung Pui Gei Ague Pill" was invented by Leung Pui Gei who combined traditional Chinese and Western medicine in pills to cure malaria.

To grab people's attention to the tablet with the lack of social media at that time, Leung Pui Gei advertised his pills in a special way. He painted "梁培基" which is his name on walls in main streets on the first day to raise people's curiosities. On the second day, he wrote: "发冷" which means "getting a chill" after his name. By doing so,  people started to think Leung Pui Gei got malaria. It caught many people's attentions as Leung Pui Gei was a famous person in Guangzhou at that time. Leung wrote “丸” which means "pill" after that on the third day, and now people knew what Leung wrote was a kind of tablet for curing malaria. Because of this unique advertising method, the pill was known by many people in Guangzhou, which created a huge sale on the pills at that time.