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Home Informations Introduction Of Guangzhou Lian Xiang Lou Restaurant

Lian Xiang Lou Restaurant



The name of Lian Xiang Lou Restaurant in Guangzhou is well-known by both home and aboard. It has a laudatory title of “The pioneer of Lotus-seed-paste”. The unique and dulcet taste of its famous lotus-seed-paste pastry has being praised by people from all over the world including Southeast Asians and Europeans. Also, the graceful and cozy environment, the various choices of dishes, and the sincere service make Lian Xiang Lou Restaurant an unforgettable place.

Lian Xiang Lou Restaurant was funded in 1889. It was a small pastry store in Xiguan in the early phase, named Lian Xiang Pastry. Back at that time, Xiguan was a flourishing area especially in the catering business. In 1908, Mr. Xinyi Tan who was known as the king of Tea House in Guangzhou, acquainted Lian Xiang Pastry and renamed it as Lian Xiang Tea House, and focused its marketing strategy on being innovated and unique. The theme of decoration in Lian Xiang Tea House was “Lotus”, which is the same pronunciation as “Lian” in Cantonese.

Lian Xiang Lou Restaurant

In terms of quality, the restaurant chooses the ingredients very carefully. They strictly select the lotus seed from Hunan which must be produced in the same year; In terms of marketing, they had their unique ways. All the rich and influential families in Guangzhou at that time needed large quantity of pastry for their wedding ceremony. Consequently, Lian Xiang Lou Restaurant organized a team that carried a load of pastry by using eye-catching carrying pole with red colour at the ends and green colour in the middle. The team walked specially on the most crowded streets and built out the jubilant atmosphere to catch people’s eye. In no time, the wedding pastry from Lian Xiang Lou Restaurant was popular across Guangzhou city. The lotus-seed-paste moon cake from Lian Xiang Lou Restaurant also became popular, people gave it as a present to show their elegance and share the happiness in the festival.

Lian Xiang Lou Restaurant

In more than a hundred year, the Lotus-seed-paste pastry from Lian Xiang Lou Restaurant had merged into people’s dietetic life, and be praised as “the pioneer of Lotus-seed-paste”. Between 1918-1928, Lian Xiang Lou Restaurant had opened two new branches in Queen's Road Central and Mong Kok which are the most prosperous districts in HongKong. Started from the 50s, Lotus-seed-paste pastry especially moon cakes has being exported to Southeast Asia and gained praises ceaselessly. In additional, the “Famous Canton Dim Sum” that we can find in most of the Hong Kong supermarket including Spring Rolls Stuffed with Three Delicacies, glutinous rice chicken, lotus peach package are all produced from Lian Xiang Lou Restaurant.