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Sanyuan Palace

Guangzhou San Yuan Palace

Sanyuan Palace, located at the southern foot of Yuexiu Park, is the oldest and largest Taoist building in Guangzhou, with a history spanning 1,600 years.  It was built by a satrap in the Jing Dynasty, and was originally called Yuegang Temple. In the Ming Dynasty, after being rebuilt, Sanyuan Palace got its present name. During the Cultural Revolution, the Red Guards smashed up the gods and occupied the palaces. In July 1982, Guangzhou People's Government rebuilt the temple.

The layout of Sanyuan Palace is as follows (while taking Sanyuan Hall as the center): Sanyuan Palace faces south. The corridor in the front of Sanyuan Hall connects with Bell Tower and Drum Tower in the east and west. At the back of Sanyuan Hall is Lao-tzu Palace. To the east of Sanyuan Hall, the buildings are, respectively, old ancestor hall, dining hall, hall to meet guests and Luzu Palace. To the west of Sanyuan Hall, is Bo Hall, new ancestor hall and Baogu Palace. The total area of all the palaces and halls comes to about 2,000 m².

Sanyuan Palace is also the place to hold the popular religious folk celebrations on Sanyuan’s birthday, including Shangyuan (15th day of 1st month according to the Chinese lunar calendar), Zhongyuan (15th day of 7th lunar month) and Xiayuan (15th day of 10th lunar month).


Admission Fee: Free of charge

Opening Hours::8:00 am ~5:00 pm

Address:No.11 Yingyuan Road, Yuexiu District,Guangzhou

Chinese Address: 广东省广州市越秀山南麓 三元宝殿

How to get there

  • take Bus 33 or Tour Bus 1 to Sanyuan Palace Station
  • take Metro Line 2 to Memorial Hall Station Exit C. Then go straght about 55 yards (50m) and turn left.