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Home Informations Main Attractions Shishi Sacred Heart Cathedral

Shishi Sacred Heart Cathedral

the cathdral of the sacrel heart

The cathedral is a Gothic architecture. It covers the area of 2,754 square meters, with 35 meters wide, 78.69 meters long from north to south, and the twin towers rise as high as 58.5 meters. The west tower is a clock tower while the east tower serves as a bell tower, inside which there are five gigantic bronze bells shipped in from France in the 19th century.

In the hall, the roof is arch doom. The adjacent of window on the front door and the walls surrounded are closed-palm shaped. All windows and doors are fit with the glass that are made in France, which are deep red, yellow, blue, green, and other colorful glass mosaic. These colorful glasses can avoid outdoor light into the room so The Hall inside the Shishi Sacred Heart Cathedral that there is a solemn pomp in the cathedral.

Shishi Sacred Heart Cathedral was originally the residence of the Viceroy of Guangdong and Guangxi Provinces in the Qing Dynasty. After the Second Opium War, based on the Sino-French Treaties of Tientsin which was issued by Emperor Daoguang in February 1846 and promised compensation for churches destroyed and properties taken from the mission, the French Government asked for the compensation for churches destroyed and properties from the mission. With the support of Emperor Napoleon Shishi Sacred Heart Cathedral III and the Catholics of France, the first vicar apostolic of Guangdong, was in charge of the design and oversaw the construction process. He invited a French architect, Nancéen Léon Vautrin, to design the cathedral and the neo-Gothic design was approved in 1863. After 25-year construction, it was completed in 1888. The whole project costs more than 400,000 gold francs. It is one of the few churches in the world to be entirely built of granite, including all the walls, pillars and the twin towers, so it is nicknamed the "Stone House" or “Shi Shi” (石室) by local people. With a floor area of 2,754 sqm, it is the largest Roman Catholic Church in the Guangzhou archdiocese and the largest cathedral of its style in China and Southeast Asia.



Admission Fee: free of charge

Opening Hours:

Address:Yide Lu, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

Chinese Address:广州市越秀区一德路 圣心大教堂

How to get there

  • Take subway line 2 and get off at Haizhu Square Station.Out of Exit B1 and walk around 550 yards (500m) toward west.