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Home Informations Around Guangzhou Fengjian Cantonese-style Water Village

Fengjian Cantonese-style Water Village

Shunde Fengjian Water Village

As a Lingnan waterside country with profound history,  Fengjian has favorable environment and weather conditions. Since Xihan (BC 202 to AD 8) dynasty, there were people who had begun to live here. Now Fengjian covers 5.2 square kilometers with a population of 6,000.

The village is surrounded by water all sides, a typical “bridge and water” residential zone. The total length of rivers here is 23.8 kilometers and there are more than 2.6 square kilometers of fish ponds.

As a typical Cantonese-style water town, loads of historical sites and items are well-kept in the village, such as ancient bridges, ancient temples, ancient ancestral halls, ancient houses and ancients trees. Besides, well-known gourmet also gathers in Fengjian, including hand-grounded sesame paste, double layer milk, steamed pig and etc.

Fengjian Village is an ancient village located in Shunde with three main surname clans, Liang, Liu and Li. Villagers from each surname clan live along the river but separated by water flows. With the increasing population of each surname clan and marriages with other surname clans, the surname clans in Fengjian started to increase, while each respectively built up their own ancestral halls to mourn the ancestors. So far there are about 20 ancestral halls in Fengjian.