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Ancient Nanfeng Kiln

The ancient Nanfeng Kiln, where the pottery art of Foshan originated, is located in Shiwan Town, Chancheng District of Foshan City. Being the oldest kiln of China, the history of the kiln can be traced back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). It is amazing that this ancient kiln still operates. Visitors can enjoy an ever fascinating experience to make their own pottery in this fascinating national treasure.

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Lotus Mountain

Lotus Mountain

Lotus Mountain (lián huā shān 莲花山) is the famous scenic area in Guangdong Province(guǎng dōng shěng 广东省). Located at the riverside of Lion River (shī zǐ hé 狮子河), the mouth Pearl River (zhū jiāng 珠江), Panyu District (pān yú qū 番禺区), Lotus Mountain consists of 48 red hills and has a maximum elevation of 108 meters, covering the area of 2.54 square kilometers. On the mountain there is a Kylin Peak (qí lín fēng 麒麟峰), and the Lotus Mountain is named after the rock which is like lotus in shape on the kylin Peak. With the reputation ofGuangdong Great Wall (gǎng dōng cháng chéng 广东长城), the Lotus Mountain is of great military importance in history.

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